The Man Himself


Frank is a nice guy who plays a lot of Halo Multiplayer and drank nothing but alcohol and mountain dew.

Early lifeEdit

Before Aiden's arrival, Frank lived alone in some faggot's apartment doing nothing but playing video games and drink alcoholic beverages and Mountain Dew. Frank started playing the Halo 3 beta before it went down, which angered him greatly and later sent him into a heavy depression. After attempting to commit suicide by drowning himself in the toilet (which went unsuccessfully), Frank decided to play Halo 2 online, and after a series of failures and wins, Frank was booted from a session and decided to look up the news on Bungie's website, and discovered that Halo 3 was being released on September 25th, 2007. He would later play the newly released game, and managed to get a headshot with the sniper rifle, which led to a cardiac arrest.

What does he do?Edit

He does important work on this wiki like:

  • Works on crappy pages
  • Works on the main page
  • Makes pages he wants
  • Nothing important
  • Plays Halo


Frank is an immature, illiterate Xbox Live player, but can sometimes be nice.